The members of the association are divided in regular, associate and honorary. 

We welcome qualified art therapists, trainee art therapists, and individuals with an interest in art therapy to join us as full, and associate members.

Honorary members of the association can be people with Bulgarian citizenship, who have a significant contribution to the development of the art therapy as a profession.

Types of membership

The members of the Association of the Bulgarian Art Therapists 'ABAT' are divided into four main types - regular members, who may be individual or organizational members; associate members and honorary members. The members shall share the objectives of the Association and the means to achieve them, as well as accept its Statutes and undertake to abide by them and to implement the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of the Association. Below you will find specific information on each of them and how to apply.

Regular individual members

Regular individual members are individuals who accept ABAT's Statutes and have completed art therapy education or training fulfilling the conditions laid down in the Statutes. They could be engaged in clinical art therapy, teaching, research or other professional activity in the field of art therapy. Membership fee 100 BGN annually.

Associate members

Associate members are individuals who accept ABAT's Statutes and contribute to the achievement of its goals or individuals in the process of art therapy training that has not been completed. Students and trainees shall submit annually a document certifying this quality. Membership fee 50 BGN annually.

Regular organizational members

Regular organizational members are legal entities - organizations, clinical and social centers that work in the field of art therapy, including schools, training and research institutes, offering art therapy training that meets in content and degree the applicable training standards set forth in the Statutes of ABAT.

Honorary members

The honorary members of the association are capable Bulgarian citizens who have made a significant contribution to the development of art therapy and art therapy methods on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or abroad. Honorary members shall acquire this status on the basis of a nomination by the Board or members of ABAT.


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