'Structures of existence'
Ana Pireva § Avgustina Stanoeva

30.08.-01.09.2024.                                                    Art meets art therapy: Avgustina and Ana are developing a concept for creative exploration of the urban atmosphere in Plovdiv. The two artists will be inspired by the cityscape and by each other and will work together artistically. 

The workshop is open and free for members of the association. 

october 11,

Art Therapy in Bulgaria - development and future prospects
incl. General Assembly of ABAT

Key Speakers                                                            

Maria d'Elia 

Art Therapist MA                                                                   Co-founder and President of the European Federation of Art Therapy - EFAT                                                              Co-founder and former president, now vice-president, of the Luxembourgish Association of Qualified Arts Therapists - ALAtD

Lynn Kapitan  *online

Art Therapist PhD, ATR-BC                                       Professor and Director of the Professional Doctorate in Art Therapy, School of Arts & Design at Mount Mary University, Milwaukee, WI                                                   Past President of the American Art Therapy Association   

National Academy of Art, Sofia

Art Therapy Podcast

The path to art therapy is always a unique story. In this podcast you can find exciting encounters, inspiring conversations, authentic experiences, various art therapy methods, and more ... 


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