Webinar with Julie Cutelli,
Paris France 

September 19, 2024 at 7 pm EEST

In her presentation, Julie Cutelli will illustrate how art therapists can work as art teachers in schools. She will show how to boost student engagement, student voice, student agency, and classroom unity through examples of her own work. 

The webinar is free of charge for members of the Association.

Introduction to Psychoanalytic Art Therapy 
Webinar with Antoaneta Slavova

October 23, 2024 at 6:30 pm 

What is the importance of transference and countertransference in our work as art therapists?
How is this phenomenon displayed in a painted picture?
How do we as art therapists unconsciously transform our own life situations in a therapy session and what is the significance of this?          A resource or a mistake?

For registration please contact      info@bulgarian-art-therapists.com.                   The webinar is free of charge for members of the Association.

Webinar with Maria Konti & Elisabeth Ioannides, 
Athens Greece

June 6, 2024 at 8pm

We would like to invite you to our webinar with Maria Konti and Elisabeth Ioannides about art-based research workshop that takes place at the EMΣΤ | National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens for the practice of response art is framed and derives knowledge and inspiration from two fields. The first field is the practices of contemporary art (archive, performative writing, painting) and the second field originates from psychoanalytic theory (Freud, Bion, Green, Mitchel). For registration please contact info@bulgarian-art-therapists.com.                            

The webinar is free of charge for members of the Association.


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